Country Energy Reports

Country Energy Reports
Economics, politics, infrastructure and the availability of natural resources are some of the many elements that shape a country’s energy market. Keeping track of a country’s energy price trends, regulatory updates, and carbon reporting requirements is a resource intensive endeavor. Consequently, NUS publishes monthly country-specific energy reports to keep businesses informed of energy market developments at the national level.

Energy Market Report – November 2017

Dutch Power The last several weeks have seen the prices remain relatively stable, with price movements during November moving perhaps by about EUR1/Mwh either way. The exception has been during […]

Energy Market Report – October 2017

Dutch Power: The last several weeks have seen the price increases we began to see in September continue. A number of factors have contributed to the continued price movement. As […]

Energy Market Report – June 2017

Dutch Power June 2017 was relatively warm and dry, with the country experiencing a hot spell in the middle of the month. Despite the warmer and drier weather, prices in […]

Energy Market Report – May 2017

Dutch Power Believe it or not, May 2017 was relatively dry, with some countries registering less than 80% of the normal precipitation. Where water is used to generate electricity, this […]

Belgium Energy Market Report – February 2017

Dutch Power What is striking on the development of pricing since our last report 4 weeks ago, is that while 2018 pricing has basically maintained its previous levels, there has […]

Belgium Energy Market Report – January 2017

Dutch Power In August/September 2016 it looked as though we could expect electricity prices to remain at the current levels. Oil and gas prices especially at the time remained low, […]