A holistic solution to the energy management problem.

With each passing day energy markets grow more complex due to changing laws and regulations, expanding price volatility and deployment of new technology. As a result, many organization find that their existing energy management systems are not up to the challenge due a lack of available resources or expertise or both.

EMS Graphic

Large businesses with significant energy expenditures typically have some internal resources (usually resources within the procurement department or shared services group) to allocate toward energy management. However, the level of complexity in developing and implementing a comprehensive solution covering numerous sites (possibly located in several countries) is extremely high and requires extensive resources as well as expertise.

Smaller firms energy management issues are generally less complex but they lack the internal resources to ensure that energy is being administered in an optimum manner.

NUS Consulting Group developed its Energy Management Service to solve this problem. Our EMS program provides businesses a complete set of solutions to meet their particular energy management requirements.

Our modular solution allows businesses to implement a comprehensive domestic or international EMS solution, effectively outsourcing their energy management processes and procedure to us, or selectively implement parts of our EMS solution to augment and support their existing systems.