Good decision making requires accurate data and analytics.

Most large businesses with multiple sites find collecting and maintaining energy data costly and difficult. Very few people enjoy keying in data from energy invoices into spreadsheets – even fewer can do it properly. NUSdirect Dashboard To solve this challenge, NUS has developed a comprehensive and powerful on-line energy data management system called NUSdirect. NUSdirect is a comprehensive cloud-based service. System users can view their energy data at site, business unit, group, or global level. Energy data is represented in various table and chart formats. Users can access images of actual energy invoices as well as energy supply contracts. NUSdirect provides powerful analytical and reporting tools. The system is password protected and encrypted for security and designed to be simple and intuitive to use.

In the past, energy was managed on a decentralized basis by different departments (or silos) within an organization – procurement, accounts payable, engineering, sustainability, etc. In today’s dynamic connected market, teams work together – sharing data, coordinating activities, and anticipating market developments. This is NUS’s approach to modern connected energy management.